MRM has achieved 30 years of unparalleled success, gaining trust and recognition in the industry across all aspects of maritime risk management and security.


MRM is renowned for its ability to deliver and for using the best people in the industry, according to our broad base of international clients..


Reliability and discretion combined with professionalism drive MRM's capability to deliver sustainable maritime solutions rather than just solve specific issues..

maritime asset recovery

  • Since 1989 MRM has been the premier Asset Recovery specialist, with significant capabilities and expertise that focuses upon tracing and recovering vessels for clients. MRM has joined forces and works in Partnership with Bibby's Ship Management, one of the UK's oldest and most respected shipping groups, to provide best-in-class support for its clients. Through our Partnership with Bibby Ship Management, MRM provides a complete and integrated Asset Recovery package to its clients (including for example, banks, other financial institutions, lawyers).Tracing and recovering the vessel using qualified and experienced professionals only.

maritime asset reovery overview

25 years of Asset Recovery experience

by fully qualified staff ensures a client´s asset remains under control and in the best possible condition for eventual disposal. This may or may not include exercising a hot or cold lay-up service, in accordance with client´s requirements and specific needs.

Full or partial work-out service.

Tracing and recovering the vessel using qualified and experienced professionals only.
Relocation to an appropriate and sympathetic jurisdiction.

Regular reporting.

Fulfilling any outstanding Charter commitments.
Acting on behalf of Mortgagee in Possession when required.
Detailed budgeting and accounting.

Provision of replacement crews if and when required.

Attending to bunkering, stores, maintenance and general vessel husbandry.
Full repatriation of original crew and negotiating wage settlements.

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