MRM has achieved 30 years of unparalleled success, gaining trust and recognition in the industry across all aspects of maritime risk management and security.


MRM is renowned for its ability to deliver and for using the best people in the industry, according to our broad base of international clients..


Reliability and discretion combined with professionalism drive MRM's capability to deliver sustainable maritime solutions rather than just solve specific issues..

early warning

Where banks, other lenders and investors need to assess the viability and value of their investments (the vessels or Equipment), MRM has the required expertise to discreetly investigate the financial / operational status of owners' vessels, Equipment and report accordingly; thereby providing lenders/investors with timely warning of any potential / impending problems and difficulties.

Details of this service and it´s conduct are available only to bona fide investors and lenders and all results are, as always, supplied in extreme confidentiality.

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