MRM has achieved 30 years of unparalleled success, gaining trust and recognition in the industry across all aspects of maritime risk management and security.


MRM is renowned for its ability to deliver and for using the best people in the industry, according to our broad base of international clients..


Reliability and discretion combined with professionalism drive MRM's capability to deliver sustainable maritime solutions rather than just solve specific issues..

cargo loss control

With this in mind Marine Risk Management was established in 1986 in order to combat such losses - from whatever source - and to guard and protect Clients interests at all stages of the cargo custody transfer procedure.

MRM approach to Cargo Loss Control has significantly reduced its clients financial exposure and losses, in addition to reducing insurance claims. MRM has undertaken substantial numbers of Cargo Loss Control tasks on behalf of its many international clients.

So far cargoes handled on behalf of important Producers, Traders and Oil Majors include Crude Oils, Petroleum Products, Chemicals, Fertilisers (liquid and bulk), Grains and Ores. Geographically, MRM operates from Egypt westward, encompassing the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Europe, South America, and along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Clients are located in Italy, Switzerland, UK, France and USA.

Services that we offer include.
Cargo Claims Elimination.
Oil Cargo Loss Prevention(Crudes, Products & Chemicals).
Bulk Dry Cargo Loss Prevention.
Bunker Fuel Investigation.
Full Cargo Survey Capabilities, including Draft Surveys.
Hull & Machinery Surveys.
Professional Cargo Superintending including C.O.W.

cargo loss overview

It is a further belief that such procedure

and the ongoing development of new techniques - can only adequately be performed by highly skilled, qualified professionals possessing not only extensive shipborne experience as Senior Officers, but also possessing commercial characteristics and awareness

Such a mix clearly implies

a thorough understanding of operational matters at all stages, together with the all-important understanding and appreciation of Clients requirements.

Since inception, the successes recorded

on behalf of Clients have proved highly encouraging. Losses have been significantly reduced, and (in the case of petroleum cargoes) diversion of cargo to bunker tanks prevented, mismeasurement (deliberate or otherwise) avoided both ashore and onboard

It has long been recognised

that the need exists for a specialised Cargo Loss Control unit to be established in a bid to reduce or eliminate entirely the losses and subsequent claims traditionally associated with Bulk Cargoes - whether dry bulk or petroleum.

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