MRM has achieved 30 years of unparalleled success, gaining trust and recognition in the industry across all aspects of maritime risk management and security.


MRM is renowned for its ability to deliver and for using the best people in the industry, according to our broad base of international clients..


Reliability and discretion combined with professionalism drive MRM's capability to deliver sustainable maritime solutions rather than just solve specific issues..

anti piracy

Until 1995, there had been no organisation offering an organised, hands-on, response to piracy able to intervene rapidly to counter and respond to pirate attacks. As a result, pirates were, literally, getting away with murder.

Prevention offers the best and most cost-effective means of combatting the piracy risk (and that includes S E Asia), and this is being realised by an increasing number of Shipowners. Unfortunately, it has also been recognised by an increasing number of untrained, discredited quasi-military personnel possessing no knowledge, experience or training in maritime operations, who now offer themselves as "Maritime Security" resources. Utilising these organisations is a dangerous precedent that could increase risk rather than eliminate it.

MRM launched the world's first Anti-Piracy Rapid Response Force in 1996. MRM unique experience in this area is unequalled. We employ only Maritime Special Forces personnel who possess years of maritime counter-terrorism experience, resulting in MRM becoming the leader in combatting Piracy & Hijack threats and incidents.

MRM is proud to be one of the founder members of the International Association of Maritime Security Professionals.

anti piracy overview

Drawing together our unique expertise

in locating and recovering ships for mortgagee banks, high-technology satellite ship tracking systems, unique and global intelligence network, and employment ONLY of Maritime Special Forces personnel, each one with many years of maritime counter-terrorism experience.

The cost of Piracy is growing even faster.

Theft of cargoes.
Death or injury to crew.
Cargoes recovered damaged.
Theft of or damage to ship.
Risk of pollution incident.
Danger of collision (involving more that just the pirated vessel).

In addition to our Operational Personnel

every single member of the MRM organisation is from a maritime background - some, including the Founder and CEO, with decades of relevant sea going service.

We know the sea

we know ships, we know the industry better than anyone else. You can trust your maritime assets to the world´s first and foremost Maritime Security specialist.

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